Taiwan's Crazy Jumping Dog

   During my Chinese New Year break of 2005 I was walking with a friend along a backwoods road.  We found a little black puppy sitting by the side of the road.  It was in bad shape, we didn't know what was wrong with it but we could see that its back feet were badly hurt and its stomach was green with infection.  It could only take 3 steps at a time because it was so weak, but it still wagged its tail at us.  If I had been alone I probably would have just walked on, but my friend had an idea.  We went back to her house and got her scooter and dog box.  We took it to the vet and, thinking the problem may be too serious, asked him to put it to sleep if it couldn't be healed.  He said it wasn't too bad and had probably just been hit by a car.  He cleaned her up and bandaged her feet.  I had to take her to the vet everyday, carrying her  until she was strong enough to walk.  When the bandages finally came off she started jumping.  She is mostly a Taiwan breed called tu gou which is known for being strong jumpers and stubborn.  Now, if I hold her toy as high as my head she can jump up and take it.  She also loves to run and play, but she spends most of her day curled up on the couch or laying flat on the floor.
  Annie on my couch not long after I brought her home.
  I've never seen a dog with such big ears.  She's grown into them a bit now but they're still comicly large.
  Her first bath.
  When she's not in my office Annie likes to sit downstairs on the couch so she can monitor who is coming and going outside.
  After we come in from a long walk she is hot so she collapses on the floor for  a while until she cools off.
  She especially likes the stairs in the summer because the concrete is cool.
  There is only one hiking trail I know that I can take her on.  Near my house is BiTan Shan.  This is her on top.
This was taken in the winter and she's got her long coat on. I had just got my DSLR camera and went hiking to test it out. I was shooting pix on an old dock by the river and Annie sat down next to me.
Same day, waiting impatiently while I was fiddling with the camera.
Posing on a rocky crag near the river.

A too dark video of Annie when I come home at night.

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