California Road Trip

It took me so long to get around to making this page that I can't remember most of what happened.  After I got back from China I had some time to kill before what ever else I would do with myself, so I decided to get a job at a summer camp.  That way I could enjoy the outdoors while still making money.  Due to bad planning, I took a job in California.  The problem was that I lived in Alabama, which is far away.  I ended up spending almost all the money I had earned getting there and back.  But it was a good experience, even though when I was there it was a nightmare.  The job was at a very small, private summer camp run by a retired man.  He was the worst stereotype of a grumpy old man, mean conservative Republican, and had a hot Irish temper.  He blew up at everything and made the kids cry.  I probably would have walked off but I had so much invested in the trip.  There were only a hand-full of kids at the camp and there was nothing to do, so it was pretty dull.  Still, I had some good oportunities to think and meditate, and it was good to be outside all the time.

I hadn't driven for over a year, so it was great to get out on the open road for a few days.
The best part of the whole summer.
The camp was generally a bad experience, but it did have some good moments.
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