My Baptism into the Orthodox Church

  On Christmas Eve, 2004 I was recieved into the Orthodox Church.  I explain more about Orthodoxy and my reasons for converting on my Orthodox Page.  Below are some pictures .  There are still more pictures on my church page.  These photos were all taken by my friend Helen.
  This part of the rite is called the exorcism.  It's not as scary as the movies, it's just to get out all evil spirits before the baptism.
  Confessing my beliefs and faith in the Holy Trinity as expressed in the doctine of the Church.
  Being anointed with oil before baptism.
  The tank we used was leaky and over-full so when I went under it all spilled out.
  In the Orthodox Church are baptized 3 times in the name of the Father, Son and Holy Spirit according to the ancient practice of the Church.
  After baptism is a second sacrament of the church, Chrismation.  Here we are anointed with oil and are sealed by the Holy Spirit.
  After being baptized we are dressed in white clothes.
  The hair is cut and burned as our first offering to God.  Usually Orthodox are baptized as babies and hair is all they can give as an offering.
  Being led in procession around the baptismal font. 
  My first communion.  Though it is not nessesary, Father usually likes to do a baptism as part of the liturgy because this is the ancient practice. 
  Final prayers.
  Father and I together.  The icon is St. Seraphim, my patron saint.  Father is also my godfather and he gave it to me as well as the cross on my necklace.

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