Old Photos

Pictures of me from when I was a kid.

This is me as a baby. I rather think I look like a potato. Luckily my head rounded out later.

I'm about 3 here. I had just come back from Vacation Bible School. If you were wondering that is a paper plate with a cup glued on that I'm wearing.

Kindergarten graduation, 6 years old.

This is me wearing my dad's clip on tie in the first grade at a school preformance. The read-headed girl on my right was my first girlfriend.

Riding on Toby, my sister horse, across the farm.

The only picture I have of me with spikey hair. You can't see it but I also had a skateboard cut in the back.

White pants and Bugle Boy shirts, remember those? This was just after I got ride of the spikey hair.

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