Odds and Ends

  Various pictures I found on the web over the years and kept.  The top ones are good for avatars.  You can download any of these by right-clicking on the image and then click "Save Pictures As..."  but you can't link directly from my web site.  If anything here violates a copyright you own please e-mail me and I will remove it.
  Calvin in the toilet, needs a light background to see properly.
  An animated gif from an unknown hockey game.
  Cookie Monster.
  Dancing Spider-man
  Space Ghost dancing like a woman.
  Twirling Yin-yang symbol.
  This is the only one I made, from an episode of Trigger Happy TV.  This is almost 2mb.
  Crow from Mystery Science Theater 3000
  The little green ball from Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy.
  I found this somewhere and thought it was funny.
  Not sure where this came from.
  Someone sent me this years ago.  The picture is bigger than actually shown.

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