Life in Taiwan

    I just couldn't stay away so I went to the 'other' China.  I got here in February of 2000 and haven't left except once around Christmas when I got deported.  I've finally got a computer and scanner so I've updated my web site.  These sites show some pictures I took around Taiwan. 
My Home - Some pictures I took around the house.
BiTan  - More pictures from my touristy neighborhood.
Holy Trinity Orthodox Church of Taipei
            Pictures from my church.            Pictures from my baptism.
Happy Marian - 1st Year - These photos come from the first year I spent my school, Happy Marian.
Happy Marian - Summer and 2nd Year - I stuck with the same school for another year.
Happy Marian - 3rd Year - Still another year at Happy Marian.
Happy Marian - 4th Year - AP2
This year I taught two classes.  My regular AP2 class and a P3 evening class.
Happy Marian 4th Year - P3
Happy Marian 5th Year - Only 3 pictures here so far.
Hiking in WuLai - My favorite place in Taiwan.
Ritual - Pictures from religious ritual in Taiwan.
DaXi - I used to go here sometimes to surf, but I haven't been for a couple of years. 
Tapei City and Other Stuff - Pictures of the capital of Taiwan and others that didn't fit anywhere else.

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