The week of October 1st we had another week for for China's National Day.  I was still recovering from the effects of my last seizure and wanted someplace relaxing.  I decided to finally go to Dalian, a "real" city just south of Anshan, and take a boat to Yintai and continue on to Qingdao, a famous and historic port city.  Dalian was very clean and a nice, small city.  I met a nice local girl who showed me all around the city.  In Qingdao the weather wasn't very good which ruined my enjoyment of the beaches.  The whole time I had a bit of a headache so I just went home early.  Actually, I went back to Dalian first.  Finding a hotel in Dalian at 3 a.m. was impossible.  If they were open they didn't take foreigners.  If they took foreigners they were too expensive.  Finally, I just went to the train station and waited until 8 when they started opening.  I got a reasonable room for Y120, which is pretty expensive.  The next time I went to Dalian I got a room for less than forty.  That was because my friend's aunt's friend worked for the hotel.  I wish I never had to visit another city where I don't have a friend with an aunt with a friend.  That seems to be how lots of Chinese travel, they often go where they know people.
A small boat on the ocean in one of Dalian's southern beaches.  The boat is propelled by the man in the back pushing and pulling the keel back and forth.  The paddle in the back acts like a small motor on an outboard.
Dalian is rich in seafood.  I didn't bother eating any since we get it all in Anshan.  Here, the men are unloading oysters.  Their long boats have what looks a diesel engine.
On to Qingdao.  This is the most famous site in Qingdao and this tiny shot is the only photo I have of it.  Few of my pictures came out.  This is the shot on Qingdao Beer.  It's a German build lighthouse.
A welcome sight.  Did I take a side trip to Europe?  No, still China.  This was the Catholic church left by the Germans.  The Germans were given Qingdao as a concession before WWI and they build a lot of the building that remain there today.  Mark it down to German engineering, many of them survived.  There was also a protestant church and, except for a nice clock, it was a bit dull.  This cathedral is in the shape of a cross with two large bells in the front towers.  Inside are some somewhat tacky statues of Jesus, Many, St. Francis, and other saints which looks curiously similar to statues of Buddist/Daoist gods in their temples.  Probably just the same sculptor.  The church was a welcome relief for me since I'd not been near one for months.
Amazing, isn't it?  In the middle of China.  That's what I like about this place, you never know what's around the corner.  I was lost and just turning a corner when I stumbled across the church.  This is the inside of the church.  Above the alter on the dome is Jesus above a banner reading "Gloria In Excelcius Deo" or Glory to God in the Highest.
A statue of the Virgin Mary in the churches courtyard.
A Chinese wedding.  The National Day holidays were a popular time for weddings.  These in Qingdao are quite different from those in Anshan.  Here you see the bride and groom leaving the restaurant with two dragons pursuing them.
"Oh, well"  You can see from the look of resignation on my face I wasn't too pleased about the lousy weather behind me.  This gray fog hung over the city for most of the time I was there.  There were some nice days, though, and I enjoyed sitting my the ocean and reading a book at night.
(Yes, I am getting a little fat.)


    Well, that's all for now.  I'm leaving soon for somewhere, I just don't know when or where yet.  Where ever it is, I'll be sure to take pleanty of pictures.  I hope you've enjoyed these.  You'd better.  I've spend untold hours working on it.  Not that I have anything better to do.

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