Special Photographs

These are just assorted photographs from different things I've done.  Starting off with holidays.  Around October 31, 2000 all of the Foreign teachers had a Halloween party.  I dressed as a mummy.  We invited the new Russian students as well as all the other foreign students and other friends and students of ours.  For Christmas the school had a party for all the foreigners and their teachers and departments.  A Chinese "party" is where people who like to be important sit around a table and are introduced to everyone.  Then there are speeches and a few performances.  A few minutes of socializing and then it's over.  Then the customary photographs with all the important people.  Some people actually enjoy this sort of thing.

Me as a mummy.  This was the cheapest costume I could come up with.  You can see where it's coming unraveled in places, and a red shirt was not the best choice.  I don't think any of the Chinese quite understood to point of it all but they enjoyed themselves nonetheless.  I did this by wrapping tape, sticky side out all over my, then using toilet paper and paper towels I covered myself.  Then I taped over it all again.  The head was hardest. 
Catherine and Arturo went as a pair of babies.  Of course, if they wanted to be like Chinese babies they could have simply cut out the seat of their pants.
It was getting to be kind of a drag with everyone just standing around so I grabbed a few friends and pulled them into my room.  Then more and more people came, I had to borrow chairs and we finally all moved into the bed room.  At critical mass there were about 20 people.  In this photo you 5 different nationalities.  2 Koreans, (2 & 3 from the left) 1 Japanese, (4th from right) 1 Russian, (2nd from left) 4 Chinese, and an American mummy.  My costume had began to bother me so I took a knife and cut to face out.
Me and two of my favorite students from my second term, Chen HongMei (left) and Li Qi.
My good friend Sun Yang.
My room after everyone had left.  You can see where I was shedding my costume all over the floor.  There were bits and pieces of it all over the 3rd floor.
Christmas at the college.  This was taken at the Christmas party in December.  If you're wondering what deal is with the "V" signs, that's sort of an Asian thing in photographs.  I don't know why.  We outlanders just do it when we're feeling silly.  In this photo there are about 10 Koreans, 5 Russians, 3 Americans, a Canadian and 2 Japanese.  The others are all Chinese teachers.  On the far left if the back in Jin, my best friend and boss as of recently.  The others on the far left and right are teachers of the foreign students.


Sports Day in Anshan.  They drug us out of bed at 6:30 am on a weekend to make us march around the Worker's Stadium because the school wanted more money from the provincial government.  Basically that's what it was.  To hide the inadequacies of the school they had a two day long sports meeting.  Everyone from the foreign group who participated in any events came in not just last, but very last.  We won an award for effort or something.
My friend Cynthia from Dalian.  This was taken one weekend that I had gone down to see her.
This was taken in a little town north of Shenyang called TieLing.  This is a mosque, but it doesn't look much different from an ordinary temple.  Outside you see a tombstone shop.  Muslims are some of the few people who are buried after they die.  Most Chinese are cremated.
There was some kind of Russian fur market in eastern Beijing.  People from all over would come here to buy stock for their stores.  It would be wheeled off in these tricycle carts.  These two men are trying to keep their stock from falling off.
  Government House in Hong Kong.  I had to go here for a day to get a visa to get back into China.
   The star ferry, goes back and forth between HK Island and Kowloon.
    Clock tower on the Kowloon side of the island.

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