Xi'an is the ancient capital of China.  It's most famous asset is Bing ma yong, or the Terra Cotta Warriors.  For a history lover I thought I'd love it but it was really a bit dull.  I enjoyed the Great Mosque much better.  This was the least tacky place of worship I've seen so far.  The Muslims have done a good job of keeping up the place.  Somehow I got the feeling they resented having so many foreign infadels barging in and taking pictures.  Since in Islamic culture people also don't like to have their picture taken (it steals their soul) I also had to take photos when no one was looking.  Unfortunately, none of my photos of the Muslim Quarter came out.  Muslim women in Xi'an are more conservative than most, they cover their head with shawls.  The men and young boys all wear the traditional skull caps.

For easier viewing of all the photos I've divided it into two groups.


Bingmayong and Around Xi'an

The Great Mosque

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