I have divided the photos into the different trips I've taken.  So that you can see everything I've seen, I've left the sizes very big in some cases.  This means that they will take a long time to load, but I hope you'll find it's worth it.  I hope you enjoy it.

Special Photos - Pix of people, special events, places, Halloween and anything else that didn't quite fit the categories below.
AnshanPix from the place where I live.
More Anshan - More Pix from the place where I live.
Even More Anshan - Pictures from the Third Annual Qianshan Festival
Inner Mongolia - For the May 1st Holiday Catherine, Arturo, Stuart, and myself traveled to eastern Inner Mongolia.  This is where the majority of my good photos were taken.
Beijing to Xi'an - Last summer  I went to Beijing and then to Xi'an.  This was my longest trip, but my photography skills failed me.  To make up for it, I cheated a little and scanned some brochures.
Photos from Beijing
Photos from Xi'an
Dalian and Qingdao - I had about 9 days off for National Day in early October (yea, Communism) so I headed down south of here.  Nice beaches, bad weather.
Spring Festival - My longest and most expensive holiday ever!  Over a month I was on the road.  I started from NE China and ended up in SW China.  One month and over US$1,000 later, I had to take another week of to recover.
XinJiang - I waited until the hottest time of the year to go to China's desert.  It was the most exotic trip I took.
TaiShan and NanJing - After a difficult semester, I did what I always do to relax.  I climbed a mountain.  

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