The Third Annual Qianshan International Festival

     I just got these pictures ready.  There were too many to put on the other Anshan page, so I just decided to make a special page for these.  During this race I didn't do so well.  There were more foreigners running, I came in far behind, didn't get any money at all.  But I had been feeling bad for a while and it was good to get out in the open again.

  Our group of teachers from the school.  We had been walking through the mountain and came across this little restaurant.  We found the owners and bought some warm beer.

   The local toilet.  You can see the backside is washed out.  At least this way it didn't smell bad.  Everything went directly into the river.

  Why did the chicken cross the road?  He saw foreigners coming.

  It's hard to tell from this picture but during the Cultural Revolution, local Red Guards climbed up the mountain and carved the words "Long Live Chairman Mao" into the rock.  You can see a close up of the characters below.

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