Spring Festival 2001

    Spring Festival, or Chinese New Year's as its often called in the west, was my best trip to date.  The weather was hiddeously cold in Anshan and I was planning to head down south.  I'd been told of a city in the southwest that had Spring time weather all year. After a long and winding trip I arrived to 70F/23C degree weather.

KaiFeng - The first city on the agenda was KaiFeng, the ancient capital of China.  I had it on dubious authority that this was a good non-tourist stop.  As it turned out, it was a great stop.
ShangHai - City of legends.  One of the most advanced and historic cities in China, Shanghai was a real eye opener for me.  An added benefit is that I've two groups of friends there. 
PuoTuoShan - My trip to this sacred island can be characterized with one word: Rain.  I took a day trip here from Shanghai.  Nice place though.
The Yangtzi River - The Famous river cutting through southern China.  This trip is most famous for its views of the Three Gorges.  Long trip but worth it.
QingDao, DaLi, and LiJiang - These three go together because there were so few pictures of them for reasons I'll explain.
Tiger Leaping Gorge - Other than a near death experience, this was one of the best parts of the trip.  I walked, climbed, and crawled through a mountain chain along narrow path. 
Second Part of TLG and DaJu Village - TLG was so big I needed two pages.  DaJu is a small village at the end of the trail where I spent the night after finishing the Gorge trek.  It almost had a Wild West feel to it.

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