TaiShan and NanJing

I need a long vacation to clear my head and since I had one coming up I went ahead and when to TaiShan, one of eastern China's highest mountains.  It's considered to be a holy mountain by Daoists.  After reaching the top one was supposed to be immortal.  I think I used all my immortality up just getting there.

   The gate at the beginning of the hike up.
   Badly angled photo of an old bridge crossing a ravine.
   I always liked incense burners for some reason.  This is one from a temple on the mountain.
   Small lake beneath one temple.
   A tree tied up with prayer ropes.  I think that people would write prayers on ribbons and tie them to the tree.
   Gate at the top of the mountain.  It was pretty crowded at some points going up.  The walk was pretty easy, there were stairs all the way up.



The former capital of China.  This was one of the most beautiful cities I found in China.  I stayed on the campus of Nanjing University, which was very green.  

   Part of the old wall around NanJing.  The highway was built through the original doors.
   Flag stones of the original royal palace of NanJing.  It's gone now, only the flag stones are left.
    The temple of Confucius, near the canal pictured below.
   Canal passing through the center of NanJing.
    NanJing was subjected to brutal Japanese occupation during WWII.  The site of mass graves have been excavated and put on display.  These are some of the bones dug up.  People burn incense outside.

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