XinJian is China's western Muslim region. Primarily populated by Uigurs (we - goor), ethnic Turkish people, it is more like Central Asia than Chinese. The people are well aware of this, and don't appreciate the presence of Chinese in their land. Being an American, people didn't mind telling me how they felt about the Chinese. I was in 3 cities, but most of these pictures are from the ancient city of Kashgar. On Sunday there is a huge city market.

   Market day, the most important time of the week.  People would roll in from the country side to buy and sell goods.  People would hire trucks, horse taxis (like the one below), and horse carts and come into the city.  These guys are bringing in hay to sell.
   Some merchants had stalls, others walked around hawking their goods.
   Chickens were a popular form of currency.  I'm not sure if these men were making a deal or just talking.
   An old Uigur man resting after buying a chicken.
  Down one street there was a multitude of hand-made item shops.  This man makes and sells wooden ladders.
   A horse cart taxi.  Men would sit on these and shout 'boosh!' to make the horse move.
   The ancient Yellow Mosque of Kashgar.  One of the few that tourists were allowed to enter.
   In a market near Turpan.  A young Uigur girl demonstrates how silk is made.
   Animal skins on the back of a motorcycle.  People just hauled everything around.  I saw dead sheep and pigs being hauled around also.

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